GCSE Support Tuition (BEST)

GCSE Tuition & Support (BEST)

We offer quality teaching from dedicated and fully qualified tutors, all of whom have achieved at least a BA/BSC (Hons) or MA/MS in the subjects they teach. All our tutors are all DBS checked and come with excellent references.

We place a great deal of emphasis on learning for pleasure and we want all of our students to benefit from exciting lessons which enthuse young people of all abilities and which take into account any specific educational needs.

Pupils are taught in small groups and tutors incorporate a variety of teaching methods into their lessons to ensure the learning outcomes of all students in the group are met.

It must be stressed that the tuition we offer is designed as a support and and not an alternative to additional education at home.

Although GCSE exams are primarily designed to be taught over a two-year period, our tutors have structured their courses to cover all topics in a year so that students can sit exams after one year if they wish.

Homework is given by the tutors to ensure all topics can be covered and understood.

When you and your child feel ready, and possibly at the recommendation of the tutor, you are able to apply for exams in the summer (May/June) or November (available for some subjects and resits).

BEST has a close relationship with Bridgend College and we therefore arrange for exams to be taken there.

We can also arrange for other exams not taught by BEST to be taken at Bridgend College.