from Parents

Here is some feedback we have received from our parents, past and present:

We chose to home educate our daughter when she was 11, and felt very lost when she decided to do Maths and English GCSE at age 14. We attempted to teach her these subjects ourselves which worked for a while, but being self-employed found that when we were busy at work, her education was suffering. The we found BEST and have never looked back. Our daughter loves coming to ‘school’ just 1 day per week, and we feel so supported by the trustees, tutors and other parents here. She has met great friends, and so have we, and she is now planning to do English Language a year early with Maths and Numeracy to follow. We are so grateful for all the hard work Annie puts in to making a success of the group and offering this much-needed support for home-educating families. The tutors teach in a way that is very compatible with home education and we are confident she will do well in her exams! – Danielle & Lloyd, May 2018