Compared to Numeracy, Maths GCSE concentrates on the more involved aspects of Mathematics that develop skills that are frequently required for Scientific and Technical subjects or for further education.


The examination has 3 tiers of entry for this qualification, learners will sit both unit papers at the chosen level :-

  • Higher Tier – Grades A* to C
  • Intermediate Tier – Grades B to E
  • Foundation Tier – Grades D to G

The tutor will assess progress throughout the year and help you make best decision of which level is most appropriate to choose.

There will be two papers at the chosen level, typically the Foundation Level papers are 1hr 30mins and the Intermediate papers are 1hr 45mins. One of the papers will be with the use of calculators and the other paper will be without use of a calculator. Each paper will contribute an equal 50% towards the total mark from which the grade will be calculated.

Our Maths Tutor is Nigel Kirk.